Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Corgis at Kiley Ranch

My daughter and I often walk at the Kiley Ranch, once a real working ranch and now left with some beautiful - and some just old - buildings but no more cattle. The land was being developed, quite nicely actually, but the slow down hit, and we are the winners in this one. We have all this beautiful open space to walk in, and the pups can run. These girls and boys love to run, and two of them, sister and brother Stella and Joe, do not mind very well. The youngest of the four, my Frieda, is very good, and Jack, the oldest, also minds well. But on this walk, there are no cars, and so far the coyotes we've run into have been far, far away and definitely not interested in getting any closer to us. So Brooke and I walk, the Corgis explore, and we all dream of owning such a wonderful, grand expanse of land. We would turn it into a working ranch/park/maybe destination spot. My son could get back to training horse - ahh, such dreams. In the meantime, the Corgis (all from the same mother), Brooke and I enjoy wonderful quiet, hawks flying overhead and occasional coyote gangs loping through the adjacent fields.

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