Friday, December 31, 2010

hello new year

It's time to say goodbye to christmas and hello to 2011
time for a few words
just read a post by
The magpie's fancy blog
she has chosen a word - grace - to mark the new year
i thought about that and decided to do the same
after talking about my very much loved
brother-in-law who died 3 years ago right before christmas
i choose optimism
Bill was forever the optimist
he always looked for the good in every situation
for the love of Bill - for the love of my family
i choose optimist to guide my year
may your 2011 be full of much good
fall leaves caught in a stream of ice

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sunrise - sunset - obsession

this is what greeted me christmas morning
i am obsessed by beauty
nature's beauty
it stops me
it helps me to be calm
it makes me think fulfillment of dreams is possible
christmas was wonderful
my sister was able to visit after a few year's absence
my children were all here
a beautiful granddaughter and enormously huggable grandson
i am blessed
wish everyone has blessings
feel them
know them
take comfort in them

sunrise christmas day

loving nature

the birds are my helpers
so I try to help them out in the winter
i've never used pesticides out here
in town, i didn't know any better. but i made the decision
to go natural - it seemed that pesticides just 
made problems worse
i made the right decision
i clean up most of the garden
that is part of natural pest control
but i leave a stand of flowers that have seed
heads, a feast for the birds
and it's fun to see the tiny finch
atop a black eye susan
eating and swaying in the breeze
here's to nature
and then there are the feeders…
winter bird feed

Monday, December 20, 2010

what should I have done this year…

rodney, our goat, always smiling
mrs mediocrity, a wonderful blog, asks,
what should you
have done this year but didn't
because you were too scared, etc
and I thought
i should have trusted my dream
i should have written
i should have trusted hope
i should not judge
i should believe in angels again- i have proof
i should forgive - myself
i should have had faith in my dream
what should you have done

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

christmas & childhood memories…

The tree went up late
the pleasure of unwrapping
the ornaments of my childhood
and hanging the apron my sister made
for my mother many years ago
still bring the same sadness and pleasure
a pure mix that comes with each
christmas season
it hurts that they are gone
but these little things 
bring nothing but happy memories
Santa and his sleigh ornament and the bell below graced my childhood trees.
Apron my sister made for my mother many years ago.

Friday, December 10, 2010


These two Bradford pear trees in my front yard have left me thinking - what tenacity. 
No matter they should have lost their leaves at least a month ago, 
no matter that we've had below freezing temperatures 
and strong winds - and even some snow.
 Is there something I need to learn from this little bit of nature. 
Should I keep writing? 
Should I keep making stuff? Practice kindness. Practice tenacity. 
 It's an interesting word, one to keep.
 What does tenacious mean to you? 
December 7 & these two still have their leaves…

Friday, December 3, 2010


It's that time of year for memories, an old photo of my family plus an uncle, 
an aunt and a grandmother that I don't really remember - 
she lived in Nebraska and we lived in Nevada. 
On the far left is my sister with arm around my brother. 
Skip one person and you see my mom standing behind 
my other sister (in shorts). 
Then grandma (dad's side), uncle, and me and dad. 
Yes, this gives some perspective to how old I am.

Read a post this morning from Spirited Woman - 
started "she was told by many 
that she had to choose on thing - specialize. niche. choose. 
but…" It's the but part I like - with so many loves and interests, 
how do you choose? The post continues "i choose me. everything else will follow…."
not being selfish. i choose me.
That's me on the far right with my dad. It seems
I've had that worried look on my face all my life.