Tuesday, March 29, 2011

march …

… continues her lionlike presence refusing to let go of winter. Out my office window, the trees bend to her wind, but the grass, flowers, bushes, and yes, trees, soak up her sustenance. Nature is both fierce and forgiving.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

lila the tax professional

Lila, my sweet fluffy kitty 
was quite concerned as I was hissing and scratching through my 2010 tax return.
 She kept the printer warm and would occasionally stare at me 
and lick her paw. 
Let there always 
be a cat by my side.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a post - a dream

A cow scratcher and acres of land. This is a dream, an old ranch that would be houses, concrete covered, cheek-to-jowl living but for the crash. Building has ceased. That this old ranch is saved and I can walk on it makes me happy. I dream of owning it, reviving it, making it a working horse/cattle ranch, someplace for children and adults to come see what rural means. It's a dream. I am, really, thankful for my little plot of land.

The cow scratcher. The cows could rub against this and medicine would cling to their fur and reject bugs and flies. How clever. I dream of free running cows and horses, maybe some chickens, definitely some goats, a garden, fruit trees in abundance and reviving the swimming pool that graces this land. Yes, people did know how to live back then, big, billowing cottonwoods creating a shaded lane, places to sit and dream and read.

A post - A dream. It's snowing outside - spring is delayed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a little trip - more photos

I just have to share a couple more photos from Louisville. I mean, how classy is a city that has these hanging outside, on street corners …

… yes, chandeliers hanging out there on street corners in a city that has these …

… yes, tornadoes, the proof in the sculpture. There are all sorts of sculptures, thoroughbred statues, plaques, memorials, telling visitors - and residents - who this city is. Apparently a proud city. How lovely.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tiny bits of life

life is insistent
I'm sitting here in my office lit by the gray sky trying to obscure the coming of spring. This place doesn't give into spring easily. It squalls and blows, clouds block out the sun, the temperatures dips into freezing, the white of snow blankets the ground for a bit, but lie pushes through the warming soil, and soon yellow daffodils will be blowing in that March wind, called by spring, resistant to lingering winter.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A little trip

Brooke - my daughter - and I took a trip to Louisville, fly in one day, one day for meetings, fly out the next. But we took advantage of the time and did a little scouting around the old city near our hotel. Here we are in the hotel room before we set out…

We could see the Ohio River and a park outside our hotel room and decided to find it - we were on the 9th floor and turned around, but we did manage to get there - and took photos.
Photo of someone famous - no name - my bad
This park had several statues and then this wide, long, lazy river and a bridge connecting two states.

It was a dreary day but warm. Who can ask more than that in winter. It wasn't until the next day that we say barges full of ??? chugging down the river. And then it was time to look at old buildings. Here in the west, we don't get to see much old architecture. It's kind of a tear it down and build it again sort of place.

I think this lovely old column, attached to a gorgeous old building, is part of a revitalization program that is ongoing in old Louisville.

Not so sure what's going to happen with this one. Talk about on it's last leg. But so interesting in the middle of town. And then across the street was this …

The Louisville Slugger Museum and factory. Oh so many famous names are on the wall inside and you can buy your very own Louisville Slugger bat and …

Yep, that's Babe Ruth's plaque. All up and down this street are bats and plaques of the famous players who used Louisville Slugger. One of Ruth's bats is in the museum, and it is HEAVY!

That's the little tour for today. Sorry the post is so long, but this is a fun place to visit.