Sunday, April 24, 2011

an easter planting

I honored this Easter day by planting two of my boysenberry plants. Couldn't prepare the other planting bed this week because of the rain. I rushed out this morning before the wind and rain set in again, and this is a beginning of my new boysenberry garden. Since they will be tiny this year, I'm going to throw in a bunch of flower seeds to see what happens. I have two other beds to plant also and will probably do pumpkins, tomatoes and peppers - maybe some zucchini. With weather on my side, I'll get the other 3 berry plants in the ground this week. Then it's time to build the trellises.

The start of season of fresh homemade jam. It's all about faith.
An appropriate day to plant, heh?
The flowering almond and daylillies are are stalwart
 in the wind and the cold.

This little reminder of the translator of words to paper
keeps track of the garden.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

spring's promise

The daffodil has ventured out
she bends to the breeze
the bradford pear shows her appreciation of some sun
and yellow seems to be the theme in middle spring
brave blossoms
spring's promise of renewal

sweet daffodil bows to the breeze
this bradford pear hasn't bloomed in years -
she must be happy to see the sun…
and spring is here despite winter's unwillingness to let go…

Friday, April 1, 2011

spring whispers

an open window
a gently drifting curtain
spring has made an appearance
if only fleeting
well appreciated