Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Smoke, smoke and more smoke…

No, I do not live in the Great Smoky Mountains. Actually, I don't even know if those mountains have smoke hanging in them like this, but this has been our sky for a couple of weeks now. The smoke is coming from fires in California, one west of us and the other south west of us, smoke coming over the Sierra Nevada range and filling our valleys everyday. Not lovely.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Brooke brought supplies. I added supplies. And we sat down and made candle holders after Monday night dinner. Brooke helped 4-year-old Patrick with his, and new grandson-in-law Danny helped us all. This Iphoto shot shares the warmth of candlelight, the warmth shared at Monday night dinners.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Smoke and sunrise…

We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets here year round - this one is added to by the smoke from a forest fire in California - the  easterly winds have carried the smoke over the Sierra Nevada and laid in thick for days here. Great sunrise…Hard breathing!

Friday, August 16, 2013

A friendly face…

This fellow greets me each time I take this particular morning run path - summer, fall, winter, spring, he is there. I always think he's been waiting for me, kind of a lonely fellow. He's the only horse in this corral. He needs a goat or a cat to keep him company.

…An update on the latest winged siblings. The doves have already flown. They worked their way to the fence and tree limbs, but returned in the evening, the two children and mom in their basket. But last night there was no one home in the basket. These two were apparently anxious to get out on their own!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This is the second mama and brood we've had this year. The first pair of maters built their next in the corner of the hay shed. It was just a few sticks and, to me, barely had room for an egg. But then there they were, 2 babies and a mama or papa sitting with (on?) them most of the day. Then…

About two weeks ago, I noticed a dove seeming to be nesting in the pine tree right outside my bedroom window - and then about four days later, the nest looked a little odd, like it had been made out of dove feathers. Oh no, there were two live babies in there. I do not know how mama managed to be there for long enough to lay eggs and have babies chip their way out without me having noticed!

Now the worry starts - those babies are going to be on the ground in no time, and we have two rambunctious Corgis who will not feel a scrap of regret snatching them up. So once again, we will have to check the nest before letting the Corgis out. The last two spent a couple of days on the ground in the hay shed before they took flight. That will be the dangerous time - hoping for a safe launch into the blue summer skies!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Patrick's first rodeo…

With Dusty the stick horse -

He undecorated a goat and rode Dusty, his trusty stick horse, through the barrels. Luckily, there were really kind judges (and a goat tamer) to help all the little ones finish their runs.