Friday, September 30, 2011

desert in fall finery

The trees are still green
the roses are still blooming
the rabbitbrush is welcoming fall in it's autumn finery
it's plentiful
it's beautiful
… and it's the desert's ragweed
can't have everything

Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 generations playing

It was after seeing a fun movie - I Don't Know How She Does It - and me, 
my daughter and granddaughter headed to
Target to buy stuff.
This is how we buy stuff…
and be silly…
and enjoy each other.
This is the fun of being
a mother 
a grandmother.

Friday, September 23, 2011

fall comes to Spanish Springs

It's 90 something.
I'm babysitting grandbaby Parick.
He's pooling it on the first day of fall -
but I do have some blooming flowers
though planted in summer are fallish colors
They won't be in this pot long.
It's the only fall color I have in the garden
and it's coming in the house to say 


soon to visit me inside

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


No photos, just some inspiration from an artist who I follow and I want to share. Her site is 'An Artists Journal,' and today she emailed to her readers photos of stacks of papers she has created by painting, collaging, weathering, etc., and she later uses these in her work. Take a look. She also suggested going to The Altered Page,, where an artist named Seth Apter has started the 'Paper Stacks Project.' He's invited anyone and everyone to take photos of stacks of their inspiration and send a link to him. And there are dozens of people who have done that. Going through those links is just plain fun - and inspiring - though many of them are way too neat. lol. Take a look. Have fun. Happy Wednesday.

Friday, September 16, 2011

just ridin' my bike

If you've followed this blog at all, you know I post cloud photos.
I love our sky - I love the magnificence - I love just watching.
As I was riding my bike through the neighborhood, these clouds 
stopped my feet on the pedals.
The first one looked like the cloud would swallow the houses below.
I was riding towards the other two and couldn't take my eyes away.
Better to shoot an iPhone photo
than crash.
I only wish that you could see what I saw.
But I think you get the idea.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

saying goodbye

I'm a hanger-on. Not going to let go of summer until the 23rd.
Autumn is my favorite season,
but I haven't had enough of summer -
ours has been so short.
Already mess the easy evenings - sun up so late 
that you feel you have forever to get so many things done.
Miss the warm, easy nights.
I'll get there - to autumn.
Our crisp mornings are drawing me in.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

about two feet of love

Sweet Patrick. The family picnicked at the Sparks Marina
Patrick was there when we arrived. He saw the Kayak and was ready to go,
memories of last week's camping sharp to him.
We carried him in the kayak to our picnic spot.
He emptied the kayak of everything.
Then he rode with his Auntie Brooke on her SUP.
He's getting brave - wants to hang feet over,
touch the water,
lay down on his tummy with his hands underneath his chin.
A granddaughter, a grandson.
Their parents.
A kind, patient husband who loves his family.
Celebrate. Give thanks. Everyday. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Past & Present continued…

And then it was time for Burning Guy - it's our version of the Burning Man
celebration that happens every year at this time in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.
We prefer water by our sand, so we stage our own - Burning Guy. 
We aren't arty, but Josh, my son, builds the guy - 
put together with dowels, no less, rather than nails.
Must have inherited that talent from my dad.
So this is how Saturday ended.

Ah, the pre-burn celebration. Son, grand-niece, granddaughter and two more grand-nieces.

Josh, pouring on the gas…

No, we aren't odd worshipers - this really is our little version
of the big Black Rock Burning Man - look it up. It's pretty famous.
Maybe some of you are there now - they burn the man this weekend.

Move to Sunday morning. That's me with some of Corgis on my SUP.
The two in front are Brooke's; the one behind me is my young one
Frieda. Stella was on shore watching the crowd. 
I was trying desperately to stand up with moving Corgis.
I am still a beginner, after all.

It was a great weekend. We're planning a few trips for next summer.
Having this reservoir to camp on is one of Northern Nevada's gifts.