Thursday, September 1, 2011

Past & Present continued…

And then it was time for Burning Guy - it's our version of the Burning Man
celebration that happens every year at this time in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.
We prefer water by our sand, so we stage our own - Burning Guy. 
We aren't arty, but Josh, my son, builds the guy - 
put together with dowels, no less, rather than nails.
Must have inherited that talent from my dad.
So this is how Saturday ended.

Ah, the pre-burn celebration. Son, grand-niece, granddaughter and two more grand-nieces.

Josh, pouring on the gas…

No, we aren't odd worshipers - this really is our little version
of the big Black Rock Burning Man - look it up. It's pretty famous.
Maybe some of you are there now - they burn the man this weekend.

Move to Sunday morning. That's me with some of Corgis on my SUP.
The two in front are Brooke's; the one behind me is my young one
Frieda. Stella was on shore watching the crowd. 
I was trying desperately to stand up with moving Corgis.
I am still a beginner, after all.

It was a great weekend. We're planning a few trips for next summer.
Having this reservoir to camp on is one of Northern Nevada's gifts.


  1. and the corgis. on the water like that.....WAY COOL !!!

  2. I saw your comment on Kelly's (Gibson's) blog that you had a tri colored corgi, so I had to come and check out your blog. Loved the picture of you and the three corgis on your SUP! They look like they are having a good time!

    enjoy the weekend!