Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Past & Present

Last weekend was a camping weekend. Haven't been to Lahontan in years. My kids were young, my parents, sister and brothers-in-law were alive and camping was a family affair. So many memories - haven't been ready to return to the once happy scene. But I ventured out this weekend - with my daughter's family, my son's family, their friends and family. Photos tell some of the story…

 Saturday started with Brooke (my daughter) and Patrick (my grandson - son of my son) building sandcastles. Later, as Brooke and I took to the water with SUPs, Patrick had fund smashing the fortress - he's 2. 
He likes building and breaking!

This is an evening at Lahontan. 
It's in the middle of a desert, water left over from and ice age ocean that covered Northwestern Nevada. 
For many, it's charm is an acquired taste. It's sandy, dirty, hot. 
Get past that - camp in the trees, nap in the heat of the afternoon, 
put your volleyball net in the water. 
Swim, SUP, kayak - it's a lake made for water play.

It actually wasn't until the first evening that it all came rushing back. Why I love Lahontan.
My creative energy returns. The dry, sandy, mountains glow in the sunset.
Clouds become a Monet painting.
My mind soaks in the space - forgets all the negative.
I breathe deeply - I feel like writing again. I feel like I can write again.
I'm not sad for who is not there.
I'm happy that I still have a family I love to be with.

More to come tomorrow - our Burning Guy fun. Stay tuned.

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