Friday, August 12, 2011

just fun

This is my new paddle board - yes, hanging in the garage. Pretty, heh? and fun. I've had it out three times but can't figure out how to take a photo at the same time I'm setting off on the water. No, I will not take my DSLR on the board. I'm a beginner - with the board and the camera.

This is far more fun than I thought. Had never intended to buy one. Then my daughter took me out - she's a licensed instructor - and I got it. It's you, the water, the board and a paddle, and you move quietly to wherever you want on the water. See the turtles that rest on some pipes, break up the flotilla of seagulls and listen to them squawk, discover a new batch of baby mallards - late for the season. No phone. Just the water, the board and a paddle. 

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