Thursday, March 24, 2011

a post - a dream

A cow scratcher and acres of land. This is a dream, an old ranch that would be houses, concrete covered, cheek-to-jowl living but for the crash. Building has ceased. That this old ranch is saved and I can walk on it makes me happy. I dream of owning it, reviving it, making it a working horse/cattle ranch, someplace for children and adults to come see what rural means. It's a dream. I am, really, thankful for my little plot of land.

The cow scratcher. The cows could rub against this and medicine would cling to their fur and reject bugs and flies. How clever. I dream of free running cows and horses, maybe some chickens, definitely some goats, a garden, fruit trees in abundance and reviving the swimming pool that graces this land. Yes, people did know how to live back then, big, billowing cottonwoods creating a shaded lane, places to sit and dream and read.

A post - A dream. It's snowing outside - spring is delayed.

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  1. An absolutely lovely dream. Thank you for helping me see it so clearly. = )