Friday, December 3, 2010


It's that time of year for memories, an old photo of my family plus an uncle, 
an aunt and a grandmother that I don't really remember - 
she lived in Nebraska and we lived in Nevada. 
On the far left is my sister with arm around my brother. 
Skip one person and you see my mom standing behind 
my other sister (in shorts). 
Then grandma (dad's side), uncle, and me and dad. 
Yes, this gives some perspective to how old I am.

Read a post this morning from Spirited Woman - 
started "she was told by many 
that she had to choose on thing - specialize. niche. choose. 
but…" It's the but part I like - with so many loves and interests, 
how do you choose? The post continues "i choose me. everything else will follow…."
not being selfish. i choose me.

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