Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another year passes

It's time again to mark the passing of another year.These last months have proved to be a considerable improvement over 2009 and the beginning of 2010. I've added some me time to the busy schedule, have projects in the works for Christmas projects, have most of the fall garden clean up completed and am drawing up a plan to renew a flower bed that had become - well - messy. And I've decided to return to hopefulness. Because there is really nothing I can do about anything but me, I'll take responsibility of filling myself with joy and letting that vibration be what I send into the world. I'll start creating again - with paper, material, pen and nature. I'll observe everything that I love and take joy in it daily. What I like best about my life right now is getting back to this person I was. She's back. I like her and want only to improve on that. Notice this sunset I've posted from last week. Rarely an evening goes by without a spectacular sky in the morning and evening. Right now the sun is glowing as it drops behind the Sierra Nevada range that runs along the Truckee Meadows - another breathtaking end to a day. Hard not to feel the beauty. May you all be blessed by wonderful nature and at least one joyous moment everyday. 

1 comment:

  1. it is a gorgeous sunset, indeed a gift at the end of each day. even at the end of a busy rotten miserable i-don't-see-magic-anywhere day. i have those a lot. luckily there is twilight and then the night. :)