Monday, January 3, 2011

it's ice time

it's that ice time of year
it's days growing longer
it's brrr time
yesterday the girls (my corgis stella & frieda)
walked in the desert
we met a curious coyote who decided to see if it was meals on wheels
he or she? followed us
i was running and maybe she thought that was her cue
just to be safe, i stopped and ran toward her
she bounced away
so the three of us continued our run on home
so far my encounters with the local indigenous locals has been neutral
i love seeing them
i love them chattering at night like they are at the greatest party
though urbanites are closing in on us and complain about
the nature of it all
i still have the occasion to see the wild beauty
that once surrounded my home
it's that time of year
curious coyotes
hawks overhead
the girls oblivious waiting for their treats
me enjoying daily freedom

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