Sunday, January 9, 2011

building a dollhouse

this is my dollhouse
our dollhouse
it's the house i dreamed of
oh, not at first - i thought i wanted city, condo, apartment
i had lived out, away, all my young life
so our first house was in a neighborhood
tree in middle of lawn
a place for flower beds
neighbors breathing on the other side of the fence
don't get me wrong - made wonderful friends there
and i finally had those sidewalks to skate on
the one thing i dreamed of as a child
but i found out that what gets under your skin as a child 
comes back
i wanted my own horse, on my own property
so we bought a little 'ranch house' on some acreage
you know, the ranch house of the 60s, and i do mean little
as time passed, i had my horses and a goat to boot
and boots
and giant spaces to plant trees and vines and roses and a
 vege garden and a green house and a secret garden and garden swings 
and gazebos
and we added on to the house and put in many many windows
i can see the sierra nevada range out front and a smaller mountain range in back
i watch sunsets turn the entire property pink, outbuildings, ground, area, grass
i continue to build this dollhouse
i clean it i love it i walk the little property i tend gardens and horses
get a lot of weight bearing exercise shoveling manure and carrying bags of compost
for the doll house project
i'm starting a small journal
i'll add to it every week and take an
occasional photo
some writing, some - i don't know - i like to splash paint
but have no talent for it
can't draw
can use my stamps
can splash paint
my resolution
my hope
find creativity again
have to paint some cupboards now

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