Thursday, January 27, 2011

birds overhead

The sky was busy this early morning as I ran along with my Corgis for our exercise. A gang of pigeons heading north, a group of blackbirds heading westerly, a gaggle of geese flying out of the desert to a more promising eating spot, probably a nearby park. But the hawk is the one that stopped me. I had to watch the grace of the flight.

I love it that I can spot hawks at least once a week. We have sparrow hawks, Coopers's hawks, Yakis, red-tail and more. Red-tail seem to like Spanish Springs. It has to much lighter then it was  for me this morning to figure out exactly what I'm looking at, but the pleasure isn't diminished. Flying - inspires the imagination. How to get myself to soar, this earth bound woman wishing to loosen the ties, free the imagination. The hawk may be hunting for food. I'm hunting for soul nourishment.

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