Wednesday, January 5, 2011

dollhouse project

looked at emma tree's blog and she and some others have started the dollhouse project. 
the three have asked others to play.
i decided i would. i'm figuring out what my blog is about.
i think now i know. it's about keeping a home.
no, i'm not martha. love to keep a home anyway.
my mom was a home keeper.
i'm a feminist. fought for the era. fought for rights. hold a couple of degrees.
i am a professional.
mostly, though, i'm a home keeper. i clean. i wash. i craft. i slipcover.
the job i will always treasure is mother and grandmother.
am i defined by this. don't know. have been through many explorations of that.
always come back to - i have to work - i love my home.
how grateful i am to work in a home office.
and i'm going to start writing again.
actually, that's what i do for a living, but anyone can do that kind of writing.
i'm trying my hand at the other kind. from the heart. very out of practice.
it will be part of my dollhouse.
go to emma tree's blog to see more about this project.
honoring my mother. miss her. am asking for some guidance.
do you believe in angels?


  1. Good morning! I saw your comment this morning at the emma tree and popped in to visit.

    I think it's great that you're pursuing this creative exercise. I left my professional life a little more than 15 years ago to be a full-time parent. I also love being at home, making a house a home - not decoratively so much (I've not really linked to a passion or interest that way) ~ but with energy, emotion and support.

    I do believe in Angels ~ and reflective writing is probably one of the things that I do best.

    Allow your Self to enjoy this process with wonder and enchantment ~ don't worry so much about end-product or proficiency. You'll learn more that way - and your connection to it will be stronger.

    Hooray for you for doing something different!

    Sally G. (

  2. You bet I do believe in Angels! Thanks for stopping by my little writing space today - had to see where you "live", too :)