Tuesday, June 7, 2011

some garden work

Flower bed revisited
It's been cold and windy and generally crummy for months, but with a few hours of warmth making an appearance,my husband and I managed to redesign one of the small flower
gardens in front. This had originally been a daisy covered flower bed, but through the years, other flower, weeds and a strange weed vine took over. It was taking most of my gardening time just trying to keep the encroachment out, and the daisies had almost disappeared. So I dug everything out last fall, covered it with a layer of black plastic, weighed it down with big rocks and waited for spring. Spring didn't come, but we got to work anyway. This is the result, a sort of river bed effect with a couple of big planting barrels. I've already filled the one with a Persian daylily and some other Sunscape daisies and some allysum. One job done, so many waiting.

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