Sunday, May 29, 2011

spring defies winter's strong hold

It's not unusual for us to have up and down days for the entire spring season, but this year, winter just does not want to let go. So I took these photos of some of the crabapple trees in my yard so I would have something more to remember than fresh snow on the surrounding mountains at least once a week, chains over Donner summit at least once a week, a daily winds from breezy to blow you down and demolish the newly planted red peppers. No, we are not having a pleasant or even tolerable spring – but spring reminds me to be ever strong and optimistic. 

the evening sun added some nice backlighting
One of the crabapples in back was particularly boisterous with blossoms

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  1. Welcome back! Spring is hanging on around here too, preventing the strawberries and cherries from ripening and generally leaving us too wet and cold for this time of year. "Summer" is supposed to start this month, after all!