Monday, October 31, 2011

pumpkin hunting

So it was Sunday and time for a visit to the pumpkin patch.
Patrick spotted the mechanical bull.
Ride. Ride. Ride. Ride.
He was mesmerized and that's all he could say.
Auntie agreed to take him.
She screamed and laughed a lot.
He held on like a trooper.

And then it was time to choose pumpkins.
He chose one. Then two.
And then just kept piling them in my wheelbarrow.
We decided he was collecting them like eggs from laying hens.
We let him choose two.
Next up will be the carving.
Love Halloween.


  1. Right there with you, little buddy! I have a dozen pumpkins and squash in my display and had to stop myself from gathering up all the extras at Fred Meyer last night (all the extras being about 60...). I love them! = )

  2. At least he looks like he's having fun on the bull in this picture! I have to admit - that was so much fun!