Thursday, October 20, 2011

a family outing

My little family drove up to Lake Tahoe to see the Kokanee spawning in Taylor Creek.
These are landlocked salmon, born in Taylor Creek.
They swim to the lake for some life, 
then back to Taylor Creek to spawn and die
The circle of life.
the lake is beautiful in the fall;
an outing with the family is the best.

Here they are in their final beauty.
the guys have hooked jaws; the gals turn flashy red and green.

 Grandson Patrick mugs for the camera.
Auntie Brooke, Uncle Perry and Papa look on.

 Patrick and his dad, Josh,
after hiking to the lake's shore.

 Can't get enough of this little guy, standing on the roots of a fallen Jeffrey pine.

 Patrick's mom & dad on the left
Auntie and Uncle to the right

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