Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happiness is gardening … & sweet valentines……

The girls & I got home from our run and it was so
And Happy Valentines Day!
unseasonably warm that I decided I needed to
water. So I got the ice out of the hoses and 
started - and then the leaves caught my eye -
oh yes, needed to clean those up. Ended up 
spending the entire morning out there - of course,
after feeding the Corgis. And they loved it, 
making themselves mud Corgis when they
waded in the tree basins. Didn't get the
watering done - it takes several days to
complete winter watering with hoses. But
I did remember why I named my blog Garden of
Rambles. I write, I sew, I knit, I make books, I
play with paper, make cards - and I garden.
The thrill that ran through me today reminded
me why this is the name - gardening is the one
thing that I have confidence that I can do. I just 
go for it. Wish I could do the same with the
crafting and writing.

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